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Johannes presented at the IACCP17 in Warsaw

You can find the presentation here.

Diversity as a Predictor of Identity and Well-being

An increasing portion of members of the younger generations, especially in Eastern European countries identify as Europeans. Collective identities can be affected by a range of contextual factors, for example, ethnic diversity. The present study investigated perceived ethnic diversity as a predictor, and national and European identities as mediators in the prediction of well-being. The study was conducted in Bulgaria and Romania due to the scarcity of research conducted on collective identity constructs in those two countries. An online questionnaire was administered to 204 Bulgarian and 163 Romanian university students. We established a path model in which the effect of diversity on well-being was completely mediated by national and European identity. European and national identity were positvely correlated in both countries. Our findings indicate that the European and national identity play an important role in understanding the positive influence of diversity on well-being.

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