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Top Reviewer Award

We proudly support Publons.com and peer review. Science relies on peer review, proud to make a significant contribution to our collective workpeer-review

R Session 12

Hi everyone,

this week we looked at mixed effects models PT1.

Have a look at the slides or my code.

R Session 11

Hi everyone,

here are the slides for R Session 11.


R Session 9

Hi everyone,

here are the slides and the code for the 9th session.

R Session 8

Hi everyone,

here are slides and some code to learn more about R’s data types.

Congratulations Reneeta!

Sam submitted Reneeta’s PhD thesis yesterday! Hooray! Now waiting for the examiners’ reports. Rest and relax in the meantime. And do lots of happiness inducing food rituals with family and friends back home!

Research experience reflection

Our summer project students are going to present their reflections on the group experiment and their lessons learned. When? Next week, Feb 7 at 9.30, Cross-Cultural Lab