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R Session 11

Hi everyone,

here are the slides for R Session 11.


R Session 8

Hi everyone,

here are slides and some code to learn more about R’s data types.

Research experience reflection

Our summer project students are going to present their reflections on the group experiment and their lessons learned. When? Next week, Feb 7 at 9.30, Cross-Cultural Lab

R Session 7

Hi everyone,

here are the slides, the code to produce them, and the general syntax of today’s session.



R Session 4

Hi everyone,

here is the presentation for this week and here is a heavily commented R script.

Congratulations to Amanda!

Amanda successfully defended her PhD proposal today. The panel gave her big thumbs up. Her presentation got excellent notes 
and the panel positively commented on the importance of the work she is proposing. Watch this space for innovative work on place attachment! 

R Session 3

Hi everyone,

the 3rd R session is over. Have a look at the slides and the solution code if you want.

Feel free to drop me an email with all your questions at johannes.karl@vuw.ac.nz